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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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gunman aaron alexis. >> the fbi has released a surveillance video that shows alexis the morning of the 23urd murders. we're getting a look at the s t shotgun that investigators say he used in that attack. >> abc's devin dwyer has more. >> reporter: for the first time, a look at what the victims saw inside navy yard building 197. chilling new fbi video shows a killer on the prowl. aaron alexis, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, going room-to-room. >> there are indicators that alexis was prepared to die during the attack. and he accepted death as the inevitable consequence after his actions. >> reporter: alexis roamed freely for an hour and a half. entering a navy yard parking garage just before 8:00 a.m. moments later, cameras catch him walking in through the first door, without any security check. he then went to the fourth floor, took out his gun and began stalking targets. >> it appears that mr. alexis, in a scenario that we've seen
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far too often, quite frankly, was a mentally unstable individual. >> reporter: clues to his mental illness were found on the murder weapon. these fbi photos show etchings on the gun's side. one reads, end to the torment. another, better off this way. and in his computer file, the fbi found this note. >> all low-frequency attack, is what i've been subject to for the last three months. and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this. >> reporter: it's a sad and haunting explanation for the families of 12 innocent victims and for authorities asking how warning signs were missed. before the shooting, alexis had several run-ins with police where he complained about hearing voices. but the police reports never made it into the navy's background system, something the pentagon wants changed. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. the state department has renewed its global terror alert after the mall attack in kenya. the alert reminds americans to
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be careful about the threats worldwide. and that potential targets include large public gathering places, including during the holidays. we're looking at the sophistication of the terror plot in nairobi. the investigators say the terrorists rented a store in that mall for three months. it was used for a base to pn the attacks and stash weapons. there's reports that some of the attackers slipped out during the siege. forensics teams are looking for clues. at the united nations, historic talks begin between the u.s. and iran. john kerry, sitting down with the iranian foreign minister on iran's nuclear weapons. it marks one of the highest level contacts between those two countries in years. lawmakers have taken one step back from the brink of a government shutdown. a unanimous vote would allow to come to the floor for a possible
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passage. the vote came after ted cruz finished his nearly 22-hour talk-a-thon against the president's health care plan. cruz was asked what the marathon session accomplished. >> this was all about elevating the debate in the public and giving the american people a chance to speak. >> adding urgency to the discussion is a treasury department warning that the government will run out of money to pay its bills by mid-october. one american has died after a small plane slammed into a bank parking lot in chicago. the pilot suffered serious burns. the plane erupted into a fireball after clipping several trees. also hit a parked car and a light pole. strong aftershocks are making the moving of supplies into pakistan'set earthquake zo more difficult. right now, the death toll stands at nearly 350 people with more than 500 injured. nearly every home in the area was damaged or destroyed, forcing survivors into makeshift
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shelters. and lawyers for michael jackson's family get one more chance to argue their negligence suit against concerts promoter against aeg. they make their final rebuttal today before the jury gets the case. jackson's mother and children claim dr. conrad murray administered the drug that killed the performer. age says it was jackson's choice to hire conrad and take that fatal drug. airline passengers may be able to use their devices during flights. a panel of experts is expected to recommend that most restrictions be dropped. it will be up to the faa to follow those recommendations. but don't expect to use your cell phone during a flight anytime soon. that is banned by the fcc. a first taste of winter has arrived in the northern rockies. park city, utah, got a dusting of snow yesterday. and more is on the way today. >> as much as 18 inches are expected in the highest elevations of utah and montana. good news for the ski resorts,
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of course. the snow is falling on mt. washington in new hampshire. the mountain has seen freezing fog and hurricane-force gusts of wind. some of those 80-mile-per-hour. but it's quite beautiful. time for a check of the weather across the nation. a beautiful autumn day for most of us. lingering rain in the carolinas and showers in south florida. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest and northern colorado. windy across the southwest and up to utah. >> it will be cooler in the west. 75 in l.a. 66 in portland. 54 in salt lake city. a summer-like 96 in dallas. kansas 84. seasonal in the east. baltimore 75. boston 64. there's six astronauts orbiting earth. the soyuz capsule arrived with four new crew member. one of them is an american. they'll be there for six months. among their things to do is a spacewalk with the olympic
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torch, which will remain unlit for safety reasons. next in "america's money," it's all about the benjamins. a look at the new different $100 bill. and investigators say there's an arsonist on the loose in los angeles. new video just in from one of the blazes. and a dangerous air base stunt caught on camera. it's one you have to see to believe.
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welcome back. a massive settlement between the government and jpmorgan chase appears to be in the works. the reported $11 billion settlement would put an end into the investigations of the bank's
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handles of mortgage-backed securities that led to the final crisis. it's believed it would include billions for americans who lost their homes. the losing streak for stocks is five days. traders sent all of the major averages down yesterday. mostly on fears about the looming fiscal deadlines being dealt with in congress. during its five down days, the dow has dropped just over 400 points. all of us could soon be paying more for postage. today, the post office is formally requesting raising rates. the cost of a first-class stamp is expected to go up 3 cents to 49 cents. if approved, the higher rates could go into effect in four months. a new $100 bill is on the way. they're being printed now. they go into circulation on october 8th. the mint is trying to stay ahead of counterfeiters. a 3d security ribbon and more texture on ben franklin's collar. starbucks with a new line of carbonated drinks. the company has applied to
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trademark that name. three flavors, ginger ale, spiced root beer and lemon ale. and the drinks are made one at a time. this is hard to believe, considering how glued people are to their smartphones. 15% of adults don't use the internet at all. not even for e-mail. the two biggest reasons are that the internet is just not relevant to them and it's not very easy to use. 15%. >> 15%. that is surprising. >> pretty high. when we come back, a nightmare for some smartphone users. >> we've heard of sleep walking. now, there's doctors who are seeing more and more people doing something else in their sleep. they say our obsession with cell phones is to blame. talk about a pool party.
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florida has been drenched this week. but should get a little dry later today. the folks who live around tampa and orlando have been coping with flooded roads and homes, bringing back memories of tropical storm debbie from last year's hurricane season. for a look at morning road conditions. it's stormy in florida. a few showers in the interior west. the center of the country is clear. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in miami and salt lake city. a little tennessee boy is being called a hero this morning after alerting his neighbors to a fire in their apartment complex. >> five people, including three children were trapped in a fire that broke out in the middle of the night. one of the children being rescued in this video. taken from a firefighter helmet cam. 8-year-old jonathan said he was glad to help. >> when people just say, jonathan's a hero because he woke up everyone.
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well, i feel like a hero. >> he started knocking on neighbors' doors. he was running everywhere. help, help. fire, fire. >> good for him. look at that rescue. the little girl is grabbed by firefighters. we'll have more on this story coming up on "good morning america." and breaking overnight, authorities in los angeles have opened an arson investigation after a series of fires broke out. six fires erupted in trash bins, almost in an hour last night. one of them badly damaged a building. damage there was estimated about $20,000. no one was hurt in any of the fires. sad note. former nfl defensive back paul oliver has taken his own life. he played five seasons for the chargers after leaving the university of georgia in 2006. police say oliver was found dead of a gunshot wound tuesday night near his home in atlanta. he leaves behind a life and two children. he was 29 years old. doctors are expressing concern about sleep texting.
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it involves people who tap away at the devices. while so many of us nod off during texting or doing whatever, it's affecting our sleep. >> texting has come to prevalent communicating, we fall asleep with the phone by us in bed or in the night stand. when it goes off in the middle of the night, you're continuing your day. you're literally partially asleep. >> the doctor says that sleep texting is most prevalent among those who use sleep drugs. the solution according to him is turn off your phone when you go to sleep or don't sleep with your phone in your hand. sounds pretty basic. >> sleep texting. like drunk texting but you're asleep. this morning on our facebook page, we are asking, what is the weirdest thing you've ever done while sleeping. >> rebecca said she found an empty tub of better in the bed
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beside her. >> i don't want to know what happened. >> mary picked up the phone. called someone who i hadn't spoken to in 15 years at work and left her a message. >> and annette writes, drove to the doughnut shop. and the next morning, thank my roommate for going to get breakfast. never remember going. head to and tell us the strangest thing you've done in your sleep. and keep it clean. moving on to this, from the bottom of the world. there's a pilot from argentina at the control of this plane. >> watch his crazy fly-by. oh. just a couple feet above the heads of his colleagues at their base in antarctica. the pilot made several passes over the base, for what reason, no one really knows, other than to entertain the troops. >> all right. speaking of flying, team usa may as well as done that as they pull off possibly the greatest comeback in sports history. >> we're talking about the team's successful defense of america's cup.
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yesterday in san francisco, they beat the team from new zealand for the eighth-straight time. >> that was something to enjoy. to keep the cup here in the united states and send that team into the history books forever. time, now, for the rest of sports. a bench-clearing brawl in atlanta. and another baseball team clinches a playoff spot. >> here's neil and stan with the highlights. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" studios here in los angeles. this is neil everett. i'm stan verrett. brewers aren't fighting to get to the postseason. they're just fighting. >> against the braves who will be in the postseason. two teams ready for the hockey season to begin. milwaukee's carlos gomez. he was jawing with paul ma holland. the brewers won the game. tigers and twins. indians are one away. the tigers had to win to clinch the a.l. central. torii hunter in the middle. that run was critical. two runners on.
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one out. against brian dozer. throw down to third. double-play as the inning is over. joaquin benoit finished it up. tigers get the a.l. central. >> from day one in spring training, i told them, don't get caught up in the expectations. get caught up in how we're going to live up to the expectations. i think that's what they've done. >> back to you. >> wow. jim leyland. you have to love that guy. >> his team sees that. they're more inspired. >> he's a wonderful man. anybody who has played for him, loves him. >> i'm sure. this next one may be our last blast of summer. we will call it our favorite story of the day. it comes to us from ohio. >> that's where kids used a big slip and slide to launch themselves into a pool. they call it slip and fly, for obvious reasons. some rough landings.
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we'll presume no one was seriously hurt. >> who was the one that did it first. >> cowabunga. >> would you do it? >> i would do that. >> you would? >> that looks like fun. ask me after i give birth. right now, probably not. >> yeah. i think i'd stay in that position. that's about right. >> yeah. looks like fun. >> that does look like fun. coming up next, it's "the pulse." calling it quits. which hollywood megastar is separating from his wife after more than a decade. and your turn, mr. president. bill clinton gets back at bono mr. president. bill clinton gets back at bono with his own impersonation. ggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool, sleep number dual temp allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. and it's only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide.
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s. time to check "the pulse," stories people are talking about today, starting with a breakup. a long-time celebrity couple heading for divorce. >> friends say richard gere and carey lowell are leading separate lives. the couple has a son that's 15 years old. "saturday night live" kicks off a new season this weekend. but a familiar face will be back as host. tina fey. >> fresh off her appearance from the emmy awards where he suffered a war droep malfunction. she promises something like that will not happen again. >> there will be no wardrobe malfunctions like at the emmys. unless you want to do one. >> no, keenan.
4:23 am
it's under control. not going to happen again. forgot my shirt. >> got to love that. finally, one good turn deserves another. ask former president bill clinton and bono. >> the u2 frontman did his best impression of president clinton this week. mr. clinton hasn't arrived in time for his own conference. >> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office. and actually, i thought it was a member of his own road crew. >> well, last night on cnn, former president clinton gave bono a bit of his own treatment. [ laughter ] >> i'm irish, you know. and we irish, we can imitate anybody. >> that's my impersonation. anybody. >> that's my impersonation. you decide who's is best. (now)
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newly released evidence showing that aaron alexis may have been driven to kill because he claims he was being bombarded by low-frequency radio waves. al shabaab says if kenyan troops remain in somalia, kenyans must be ready for an abundance of blood. john kerry sitting down with his iranian counterpart at the u.n. it would be the first high-level contact between the u.s. and iran in years. rain and snow from the pacific northwest, across north dakota. showers in the carolinas and in south florida. but clear skies most everywhere else. finally, if winning's a state of mind, a member of the cincinnati reds would be headed to the world series. >> he's a bat boy who is infusing the team with an energy and spirit to succeed. es espn's chris connelly has the story. >> reporter: 30-year-old teddy kremer is a die-hard cincinnati
4:27 am
reds fan, whose shear enthusiasm has electrified your team. >> if you see teddy, you can't be mad ever again. >> reporter: at birth, teddy was diagnosed with down syndrome. a geneticist spoke to the family. >> she said, you might want to think about institutionalizing. >> we weren't going to do that. >> reporter: a charity event, honorary bat boy for teddy's beloved reds. they bid on it and won. >> i was so happy. i was so, so happy for it. >> reporter: that night, teddy's joy and energy captivated the team. captured in this iconic image. >> that picture ran the next day. and the teddy story kind of blew up. >> he believes when he's here, we're going to win. and half of winning is believing. >> reporter: belvehe did. when the reds asked him back to the dugout a secdtime.
4:28 am
that night, after todd fraser struck out in the second inning, teddy offered encouragement. >> he comes in the dugout. i said, it's okay. >> reporter: then, with frazier due up again, teddy had something to say. >> what's up? i love you. i go, really? i love you, too, brother. and he's like -- >> hit a home run. >> i said, you got it. >> that ball clubbed into straightaway center field. hit a ton. and that one will fly out of here. >> reporter: inspiring his team, a team he now works for, with his irresistibly positive attitude. chris connelly, abc news, cincinnati, ohio. >> that is just awesome. >> he's so charming. >> tremendously charming. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> "good morning america," coming up.
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>> live, from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is good morning, washington. on your side. >> straight ahead, the u.n. general assembly cons today, and we are looking ahead to a potentially historic meeting between the u. and another major world player. plus, new details into a deadly fire in silver springs. good morning to you, washington, i'm scott dueman. >> and i'm jummy olabanji. for a check with your friday forecast, eileen. >> oh, friday've, i like that. good morning, jummy and scott. starting off the day was actually rather mild temperatures compared to the past two nights, 60 degrees at ragan national right now. in fact, 63 degrees in orange, 59 in quantity coe. 48 degrees in martins burg. those showers that you


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